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Scott Shannon Talks Radio with Ad Age

THE MOUTH, APRIL 17TH, 2018 — WCBS-FM’s Scott Shannon tells AdAge’s Judann Pollack, “When I came to New York in 1983, [the radio industry] was walking in a line, following one another” (which explained the large penguin in the rear of his studio.) Pollack describes Shannon as a ‘radio evolutionist, credited with bringing the morning zoo to radio’s biggest market while at Z-100. For the last four years he has handled mornings at Entercom’s CBS-FM. “This is our 912th show,” Shannon

says, adding later, “The radio stations that just play music aren’t going to do that well because there are plenty of places you can go and get that same music without all the commercials,” says Shannon. “But if you have a personality on the air that can give a different slant to a story, or can tell his or her own story, you can’t get that anywhere else.”
Shannon continued, “It used to be that you could turn on a radio in New York and listen to WABC and you would pull up to a stoplight and there would be five or six other cars there with the same thing on,” he says, “but the industry has grown so much that they have a lot more choices.” But he’s convinced that if you establish a connection, people will listen. It does not matter whether the audience is tuning in on a cellphone, desktop or a battered transistor radio. “It’s not like it used to be,” says Shannon as the red light winks out. “But it’s still a really great business.”

PHOTO/ CBS-FM 101.1’s Scott Shannon. Credit: Judann Pollack – Read Story HERE

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